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The Bishop Legacy 1.0

Way back in '08-'09, I started posting the original Bishop Legacy. That was when I was in undergrad, my schedule was awful, and there was a lot of crazy life stuff going on in general. They never got finished, for various reasons, and for the most part I forgot about it... until I got a comment on one of the entries from someone who was re-reading it, and decided to go back and read it again, myself. There's no way of finishing them, now; I've gone through several computers since then, and I don't even own all of the Sims 2 games anymore. Still, I decided that I missed the Bishops, and thus The Bishop Legacy, volume 2, was born.

When we last saw the Bishop family, the gen 4 heir, Nash, had stepped up to the plate and had already gotten a healthy start on gen 5. I couldn't bear to bring him back to the legacy, then or now, without his overly attached twin, Basil, coming along for the ride. I got as close as I could to their original appearances, with Sims 3, and released them into the wild.

...okay, 'wild' might be an exaggeration. For two guys used to the luxury of a well-established Legacy House, though, all this grass is definitely roughing it.

Nash: O. M. G. How are we supposed to survive with just a MICROWAVE? Basil, this is a disaster.
Basil: Forget the microwave, our bathroom only has one wall. People are going to SEE US POOP.
Nash: ...no, the microwave is definitely worse.
Basil: I really question your priorities, sometimes.

Basil: Look, I know your dream is to stay home and have way too many kids, but if we're going to get walls, we both need jobs.
Nash: Okay... that sounds fake, but okay.

Basil goes out and gets a job in law enforcement, so he can get started on that life time wish. And Nash...

Uh. Maybe you need to actually... consider those pamphlets that the nice mascot left for you.

He gets a job in the culinary field, since that's the only thing other than popping out babies that he actually enjoys.

Basil, the responsible member of the family, gets to work on getting those skills up. And Nash...

Nash: This was supposed... to be a way... to meet guys. Why is it a taco fest?

His quest for a baby daddy so he can spend as much of his life as possible on manternity leave takes him to the park.

...and a random LARPer, apparently.

Nash: I've been around for a day and nobody's pregnant yet. This is a tragedy.

We have a little more luck at the protest. Plenty of reasonably attractive guys there!

I mean, aside from the married guy with the nose you could land a plane on. That other guy, though, pretty sure we need to spend some time getting to know him.

Nash: On it. Literally, if I can help it.

Nash finally decides to investigate the ~mysterious portal~ that appeared on the edge of the lot...

Nash: Whoa. Did you come from the future to get me pregnant with the future savior of the human race?

...no, he did not. But we did finish his task and have a fully functional time machine that may or may not ever see use.

The first night? Was miserable. Neither of them would use the damn toilet because there was SOMEONE ELSE ON THE LOT, and kept waking each other up to try to shoo him away. As you can see... no one actually made it to the toilet on time. Sigh.

Nash is off the next day, so he spends it calling up all the guys he met, hoping he can find a taker to come fall in love with him, get married, and move in. Preferably all on the same day. Since some people are way too modest, we apparently really need more walls.

No one's biting, though, so Nash goes to the summer festival alone, and decides to participate in the hot dog eating contest. Because apparently, the way to find a baby daddy is to show off how many wieners you can fit in your mouth.

...actually. Good call. Proceed.

Apparently this guy has the same idea.

Nash wins. And that's the face of a family-focused Sim being denied his family.

Basil, of course, is still hard at work. He's really motivated to get that toilet inside four walls.

Nash: I'm a great cook. I'd make a great husband. Why isn't anybody jumping on this?

Yet another guy Not Impressed by Nash's attempts at husband hunting.

This time, when Nash calls up Mr. Cornrows, aka George Dean, he's available. In a manner of speaking. He agrees to meet Nash at the festival, anyway, where they bond over their mutual desire for a family.

Now, this could just be desperation talking, but it kind of looks like Nash may have found Mr. Right.

I'll only be posting on legacychallenge at the end of each generation, but check back here for more frequent updates!