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The Bishop Legacy 2.0

Last time, after a whole lot of fail on both Sims and simmer's parts, Nash hooked himself a husband and the two of them very happily got started on creating generation two... much to the dismay of Basil's virgin asexual eyeballs.

In case you had any doubts, pregnancy did not make these two any less sickeningly into each other. If anything, it's WORSE.

Yep. Good job, guys. You succeeded in getting knocked up a day apart. Have fun with the constant string of crying for bottles and diaper changes. Dumbasses.

George seems to take pregnancy as an excuse to never wear clothes. Ever. I mean, I guess if all I had was the game options for mens' maternity wear, I'd probably pick my undies, too.

Basil gets invited to a costume party at his partner on the police force's place. He's more than happy to get out of this land of mush and half-naked men.

...okay, fine, Nash is pretty cute about the whole being knocked up thing, but I still don't blame Bas.

Basil: No, you don't understand, man, they're so hormonal. SO HORMONAL. I never know what's going to set George off.

Apparently this time it's the toilet being clogged. Uh. George. It's not that bad. It'll take Nash like. Two seconds to fix it.

George: But I need to go RIGHT NOW! THIS IS TERRIBLE!

I'm really starting to think that Basil might be on to something here.

Still, as long as everyone keeps their clothes on, Basil's cool. It's just... there's parts of his brother's husband he really doesn't want to see.

George: Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about being a dad, but I feel so out of shape. You've got to work out with me once I pop this kid out.
Basil: Yeah, of course I will. What's family for, right?


In consideration for Basil's delicate sensibilities, George and Nash head off to the hospital. Well. George heads off. Nash sees something shiny and forgets where he's going. Great parenting, Nash, you're off to a fantastic start.

And the first potential heir in generation two is a girl!

Actually. The first two are girls. Meet Alanna and Thomasina Bishop. I'm just kind of guessing at which was who at this point, since they look exactly alike.

Nash. I see what you're thinking. And I don't like where this is going. STAHP.

I think you've got enough to do with the two that you have, and whatever you've got in there.

Since it's going to be all hands on deck once Nash pops, I let Basil go out and have some fun while he can. That, and... I'm kind of in love with the festivals in this game. Nash got to go to the last one, it's Basil's turn, right?

...what. Did you. Do. WHEN did you do it? I KEEP CANCELING. Wait. You sneaky bastards jumped when I went to go follow Basil around at some point, didn't you? YOU BETTER HOPE THIS IS JUST FOOD POISONING FROM ALL THAT FOOD THAT YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN A CHANCE TO CLEAN OUT OF THE FRIDGE BECAUSE YOU'RE BUSY JUGGLING BABIES.

George. Oh my god George. You are the worst spouse EVER.

Well. If he wasn't knocked up before, I guess he definitely will be now.


Moving along! Mark this on your calendars: first fire of the legacy!

George: Basil, what did Nash tell you about touching the stove?
Basil: ...but he was asleep and I was really hungry.
George: Basil. What did Nash tell you about touching the stove.
Basil: ...not to do it or he'd make us go vegetarian for a week. You're not going to tell him, right?
George: Oh, HELL no. Do I look like a rabbit? A man needs his meat.
Basil: Oh, god, that's one of those things I DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

You'd better hope you were already knocked up before you got sucked into that spaceship, mister. We're going to have enough kids running around here without ones that aren't even eligible to be heirs.

Nash: You know. It just occurred to me that we might end up with more babies than we have hands. Wow, we really should have spaced out our pregnancies better, shouldn't we?
Basil: Now is when you figure that out? Now? It's a little late, now.

In closing, let's all take a moment to reflect on how screwed this family would be without Uncle Basil. (Here's a hint: COMPLETELY SCREWED.)